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Freckles Quilt Shop

Website for local quilt shop, Freckles.

Featured Project

WordPress blog for Canadian Paralympic Cyclist Brayden McDougall.

I'm Kevin O'Reilly. I'm a web designer.

I'm a believer in the idea that "Form follows function." Especially in web design.

I don't start a site with the colours, the pictures, or the logos. I need to know about the purpose, the content and the audience. Then the creative process can begin.

I Create

Simple designs. Simple is better. Simplicity allows lets you get to the information quickly, use navigation effectively and remember it.

Handcoded sites. Handcoded sites with semantic html, css and well considered usability characteristics are superior. They are smaller, more effecient and more compatible across different browsers and platforms.

I believe in web standards

Web standards help your site stay consistent across browsers, makes them more accessible, helps debug problems, faster to create and the code is future-proof. Not using web standards just doesn't make sense anymore, if it ever did at all. The W3C has all the information on web standards a person could ever need.